Hybrid Flooring: An Easy Guide to Sustainable Flooring

Hybrid flooring mixes wood’s look, vinyl’s practical side, and laminate’s simple setup. It’s a new trend in home design. Many homeowners love it, and so do interior decorators.

In the past, makers used limestone and PVC for the First and Second Generation hybrid floors. These versions included types like SPC, EPC, and layered designs such as AB and ABA.

However, times changed by 2023. People wanted greener options. So, the Third Generation Hybrid floors came into play. They don’t have PVC. Instead, they use green materials like DEC and DWC. These new floors last long. Plus, they stand strong in sunlight and resist scratches. This strength comes from using techniques from laminate flooring.

Why pick hybrid floors? They fit everywhere, from cozy living rooms to busy kitchens. They look great and work well for everyday life. If you’re curious, our online gallery has some picks. But for a broader range, visit our stores. You’ll see all the hybrid flooring choices up close.

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