Dex Flooring Terms and Conditions

Amendments to terms and conditions

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Any amendments shall be effective immediately upon notification on the Site. Your continued use of the Site following such notification or purchase of products thereafter will represent agreement by you to be bound by the terms and conditions as amended.

Payment Terms

Terms 30% deposit on order. 70% Handover payment strictly before 3 working days of installation. No material can be ordered or installation dates confirmed until deposit is paid. Deposits are not refundable three days after deposit payment date. Deposit is not refundable even before three days if Dex Flooring has ordered the products required for that project mentioned in the quotation. We accept payment by credit card. If we are unable to successfully process payment for your order, we may reject or cancel your order.


Where quotations are raised from plans or drawings, we reserve the right to a site measure and inspect to determine if any variations are required; the client will be advised of the required variations and any associated costs involved, and must accept those costs before work can proceed. The quotation becomes the contract once a deposit is received.


Freight and delivery charges will be notified to you at checkout, if applicable. These charges may depend on your location, size, weight and quantity of product(s) ordered. Orders for multiple products may be split across multiple deliveries depending on where it is being shipped from.

Delivery Charges apply to have your flooring delivered. Unless organized at the time of purchase, Dex Flooring does not deliver upstairs and will carry the goods no further than 10 meters on an even and flat surface. If we arrive and the access differs from what was advised, an additional fee payable immediately will apply. If you refuse to pay the additional fee, we reserve the right to return your flooring to our warehouse. Re-delivery will require the delivery fee to be paid again on top of the additional fee.

Installation Cancellation Fees

In the event of a customer canceling installation after commencement of work, Dex Flooring will charge $800 plus GST per day per working day from the installation booked date. This fee covers all types and amounts of work carried out including but not limited to: installation, delivery, preparation, removal, waiting to access to the site, etc. This fee is only for labor and does not include the material cancellation fees, which are 30% of the product’s value.

Skirting Boards/Door Jambs

Dex Flooring quotations do not include filling the gaps under the door frames and fixing the skirting boards’ old line on the wall due to the old floor being thicker than the new floor.

Pickup/Delivery Lead Time

Dex Flooring requires a minimum of 48 hours from the final payment made to our bank account to have the products ready for pickup/delivery by/to customers. If the customer requires an urgent pickup/delivery, there is an urgent handling surcharge fee of $45 plus GST. This fee is subject to the clearance of funds to our bank account and confirmed by the Dex Flooring account department.

Quality Control and Guarantees

Dex Flooring materials are guaranteed to comply with Australian Standards and Industry Best Practice. All timber comes with a moisture content certificate that includes important information about what to expect from your timber floor and how to care for it. This information is attached to the timber packs being delivered. Dex Flooring guarantees the installation, sanding & finishing for 2 years from the finishing date. This guarantee is only upheld if all Terms & Conditions have been adhered to.

Missing, Broken or Faulty Products

It’s your job to make sure the product you’ve ordered is correct and in good condition before you sign for delivery. If the product or packaging looks damaged when it’s delivered, don’t accept it and give us a call.


Getting the subfloor level right is really important for making sure your floorboards last. Under the National Construction Code of Australia, timber and concrete floors need to be level to within 10 mm across a room or area, or 4 mm over any 2-metre length. If you’re doing the subfloor levelling yourself, we won’t be responsible if there are bouncy areas or other problems after our installers have finished. We might also refuse to go ahead with the installation if our installers decide the subfloor isn’t level enough.

If you do the levelling yourself, the manufacturer’s warranty and installation warranty will be void if there are problems related to the levelling. We’ll charge you $350 plus GST if we need to reschedule because of subfloor levelling issues.

You need to make sure there’s access to the driveway before we deliver the flooring. If there isn’t, we might charge you extra for the delivery. The building needs to be at least at lock-up stage, with the roof on and all doors and windows in place.

All wet trades (like rendering, plastering, concreting, or tiling) need to be finished at least 2 weeks before the flooring is delivered.

You need to have power and lights inside the home so we can start work, not just from a power box. Once we start the installation, we need other non-timber flooring trades to stay out of the way as much as possible. After installation, depending on the time of year, you need to leave the floor for at least 2 weeks before we can start sanding it. You can walk on it during this time, but don’t spill anything or use chemicals on the floor as this can cause problems with the coating. This 2-week period is for the timber to adjust to the “in-service” conditions of the house. You can use climate controllers to help with this. It’s your job to keep the floor clean and aired out during this time. If you keep the windows and doors closed, it can create a “greenhouse” effect that affects the floor. We won’t be held responsible if this happens. Once we start sanding and finishing, no one else should be allowed on site until you get approval from the sander.

We recommend waiting to put in carpets or paint until after installation and sanding are done, as there’s a risk of damage like scuffs or chips to your walls. We’ll do our best to avoid this, but we won’t be held responsible if it happens.

We don’t recommend putting in skirting boards before sanding, as they can get damaged. All waste and rubbish will be left in a bin or neatly on site for you to remove.

Nothing is dust-free. If the floor is laminate or engineered, there might be cuts to door frames that cause dust, and the same goes for a solid floor. DEX 



  • Bamboo and timber are natural products, and there may be variations in color, texture, and shade from the shown samples. These products may also have minor surface cracking, which is normal.
  • Timber is a natural product, and no two pieces are identical. The product may contain gum veins and knots that differ from the samples shown.
  • All flooring is likely to change color over time due to wear and exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoid exposing your flooring to direct sunlight or excessive moisture. Clean spills immediately and only use a damp mop to clean.
  • Slab heating and evaporative air conditioning can harm your flooring, and the warranty may be void if the flooring is installed under these conditions.
  • Please follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully. Failing to do so may void your warranty, including if you choose to direct stick your flooring.
  • If you’re installing flooring in a body corporate dwelling, it’s your responsibility to check for any regulations regarding flooring and/or acoustic underlay.
  • Any measurements provided based on house plans are estimates only. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your chosen installer measures your site and orders enough flooring, underlay, scotia, trims, consumables, and any other necessary items.
  • We do not offer full-price returns, but unopened boxes in good condition can be returned for a half-price refund.
  • After installation is completed, any leftover materials such as boards, underlay, glue, beading, and trims belong to Dex Flooring, and customers have no right to claim or keep them.

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